Trail Etiquette

The Ridge to Rivers Trail System is a shared use system. As such, riders will encounter hikers,
equestrians and uphill riders as they descend.


  • Downhill riders always yield to uphill riders.

  • Mountain bikers always yield to foot traffic and equestrians (these are

       international guidelines)

  • As with any trail system, there are always blind corners. Riders should slow

       down and approach any blind corner with the expectation of encountering
       another user on the trail and yield appropriately.

  • Ride in control – this means knowing how to apply your brakes while

       descending. Locking brakes and skidding leads to trail damage and erosion.

Use of trails when conditions are muddy is highly discouraged.


       Muddy Trail Use Leads To:

  • Loss of singletrack and trail widening as riders travel off-trail to avoid mud. 

  • Erosion, as softened drainage structures are flattened by tires and feet.

  • Trail tread deterioration as soft, muddy soils are torn up from tires, feet and